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Our skills were forged in the relentless pace and extreme competitive enviroment of the US West Coast tech business space, working for marketing agencies that in turn served the hospitality and real estate industries.

We had the honor to take part in some of the most iconic projects in both industries and to learn from the best. The most valuable lesson we adopted in our 12-year experience is that in this field of business nothing is constant.

To be successful in internet marketing, you need to have information and agility.
Both of them are our most valuable assets and they allow us to adapt in any situation.


In order to deliver the efficiency we aim for, we combine soft skills like sociology, psychology and design with stone-cold technical methods like algorithmic testing and advanced segmentation.

Our main experience resides in the technical field, mastering both low-level programming languages like HTML5/CSS3/JS and more sophisticated ones like C# and Python.

Lately, our team was enriched with designers, copywriters and architects that allowed us to deliver integrated services, especially in the real estate business.

What we`re good at:

  • Customer profiling and segmentation;
  • Sales funneling and autonomous CRO;
  • Micro social engineering and trending;
  • Machine learning and AI-based testing;
  • On-site autonomous SEO systems.

In order to use the above mentioned tactics, we use a wide set of technologies, which we list below. Meet us and we will explain how we use each of them.

Technologies and tools we use

Web design

Vector graphics
Image optimization
UX/UI design

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe XD

Web development





SEM Rush










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If you want to explore these technologies and see how we use them in our work, let`s have a drink and we will explain them and give you real life examples of implementation.

Our Services

We offer an integrated service composed of multiple areas of knowledge, from social skills to technical one.

Below you can see our services in a meaningful transition from the human side to the machine part.

Customer Profiling

Our process starts with probing, understanding and categorizing our target audience. This process gives us important clues about what they expect to find.

Understanding and segmenting our customers is critical in establishing clear KPI on which to build the sales funnels and autonomous systems.

Web Design and Development

Unlike other companies, we deliver custom-designed websites. We focus on content and user intent/usability.

This means that first we create the content, test it and afterwards we build the design, around it.


A website that can`t be found is worse than no website at all. Our websites are optimized at code level to meet all the search engines` guidelines and specifications.

We also focus on personal assistant optimization, adapting the structure and content to increase the probability of getting the single result position.

Local SEO

Lately, local search has become more important that classical search, most of the queries being related to local business.

We use a set of tactics that guarantee top position in the notorious Local Pack that occupies more than half of the SERP as of 2018.

Marketing Automation

Technology allowed us to create automatic CRO systems that adapt almost at real-time speed to user interaction.

This gives us unprecedented agility and a massive competitive advantage.

Machine Learning

Due to modern platforms such as TF and AWS, we can build powerful automatic systems that can adapt their procedures in real-time, using technologies like neural networks/deep learning and natural language processing.

The computing power behind these systems allow them to react at the speed of thought to changes in their environment, autonomously.

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